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When you hit the gym for a cardio workout, you will definitely get the chance to use one of the fitness bikes for some spinning. These bikes work simply- sit up straight, place your feet on the pedals and begin pedaling to power up the console. Press “start” and you can select one of the preset programs available. You pedal and pedal and pedal until boredom start. This is where a cycling interval workout will save the day.

An interval workout of 20 minutes can burn the same amount of calories as your 40 minutes cardio exercise at a steady pace. Therefore, instead of spending almost an hour cycling, why not ride on the fitness bike and get it done half time. With interval training, you need to perform high and low-intensity exercise in turn repeatedly in a short period of time. We are going to share a 20-minute cycling interval workout plan just for you.

Why Indoor Cycling Interval Workout?

Whether you want to add a challenge to your usual fitness regime, get back in shape, lose weight or prepare for an athletic competition, an indoor cycling workout will be your best cardio option. Fitness bikes are ideal for beginners because they are easy to use and deliver the natural feeling of outdoor cycling. In fact, there is no learning needed in order to operate this cardio machine regardless if you are doing a HIIT workout or not.

Indoor cycling strengthens your lower body muscles, increase endurance and improve your overall cardiovascular health. You can simply ride anywhere at any time especially when you have a fitness bike at home. If you are planning of buying one, maybe this is the right time to do it for your fitness goals. We recommend Proform 135 CSX if you are looking for a good quality bike with low price while BodyCraft SPX Indoor Club Group Cycle if you want a commercial-grade bike that can withstand extreme interval training.

20-Minute Cycling Interval Workout

Before doing any new workout routine, make sure you consult your physician first to ensure your body is capable of it. Also feel free to adjust this workout plan from Top Fitness Mag according to your ability and needs.

Begin with a 5 minutes warm up - this is an essential step before performing any exercise to avoid injuries and remain safe. Ready? Your 20 minutes full of fat burning spins start now.



Make sure to bring a copy of this workout plan with you regardless if you are attending a spinning class or enjoying the convenience of home exercise. If you haven’t decided which fitness bike to purchase for home use, you can try finding Proform 135 CSX and BodyCraft SPX Indoor Club Group Cycle in the nearest sporting goods store in your area or search Google. These are upright fitness bikes made by two of the big names in the industry. You may want to look for customer reviews as well to ensure you are buying the right equipment for your home gym.

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