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Run, Walk and Jog - all will help you burn calories just in a different amount. Running outdoor is one of the simplest exercises people love to do every morning - a perfect way to kick start the day. Although walking is a form of physical activity, sometimes busy people also need to go to the gym for some fat burning workouts. If all you have is a 20-minute available time every day, you need a calorie-torching HIIT workout. This routine will raise your heart rate, pump more blood and make you sweat like there’s no tomorrow in the least amount of time.

HIIT training on a treadmill is composed of sprints for high-intensity activity and walks for low-intensity activity. It makes a complete difference than running at one pace every day and spending 30 minutes to 1 hour a day with the same calorie burn rate as 20-minute treadmill interval training. If you are still in doubt of this fitness routine, why don’t you give it a try? We share below a workout plan designed by Aundrea Hasselbach, founder of Tread20.

20-Minute Treadmill Interval Workout

To build leg muscles and lose weight, just spare 20 minutes of your day and beast it out! You’ll improve your metabolism, burn calories and achieved toned lower body muscles. A treadmill works your thighs, glutes, calves, hamstrings, quads and abdominal muscles. This HIIT workout is efficient and surely effective, exactly the reason why it gains popularity among the fitness enthusiasts and runners alike.

First, talk to your physician about this workout to ensure your body is in good condition. Second, if you are ready with your fitness clothes on, you can start with a 5-minute jog as a warm-up. Lastly, you can proceed by following the details on the table.

In case you found this workout plan difficult, you can adjust the speed and incline according to your ability.

Run Indoor or Outdoor?

When you choose to do running or jogging as part of your regular exercise routine, you have two options: do it indoors or outdoors. It feels so good to run at the park every morning with friends and neighborhoods or on a nearby hill. However, there are days when you can’t go outside due to a bad weather. In this situation, you need to do an alternative home exercise or how about purchasing a treadmill?

An excellent quality treadmill like Proform 300i Treadmill is the best solution to your problem. During a bad weather, you can just stay at home, play your favorite songs and hop on the treadmill for a run. Proform 300i Treadmill features iFit Coach Technology that lets you travel the whole world while getting fit. In addition to this are 16 pre-programmed workouts, spacious and cushioned deck area, up to 10 mph speed and 10 levels of resistance. Ideal for residential use, this treadmill can be folded and store away.  

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