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Are you planning to get back to shape after pregnancy? Or perhaps you just want to stay active even if you have a bad back. No matter what your reason is, a low-impact cardio exercise may be the right physical activity to help your body becomes stronger and your heart healthier.

At the gym, you will see everyone taking advantage of this machine from mommies, athletes to older adults. Losing weight and becoming fit has never been this easy - thanks to this fitness invention. We are talking about Elliptical Trainer! Elliptical delivers a total body workout ensuring your lower and upper body muscles are engaged on every stride while keeping it light on joints.

Why choose an elliptical machine for a workout?

If you haven’t figured out yet which machine you can focus to lose weight and tone muscles, you are in the right place. Although there are several cardio machines that can help you burn calories such as treadmill, fitness bikes and stair climber, elliptical offer a lot of advantages and this what sets it apart from the rest. An elliptical machine lets you move your legs and arms at the same time. It is for all users at any fitness level and for those who are getting back to fitness after an injury.

For busy persons like mommas, having an elliptical machine at home allows you to squeeze 15-30 minutes of your every day to do a quick workout. It doesn’t have to be difficult to maintain an active life, a little amount of time and determination are what you need to reap all the benefits of being active. So if you don’t have this greatest piece of equipment now, we recommend finding ProForm Endurance 720 E Elliptical. It features the iFit Coach, 24 preset workout programs, commercial-grade frame construction, soft grips, adjustable foot pedals, and 20 lb. flywheel.

30-Minute HIIT Elliptical Workout

Like any other cardio, the challenge is the key to keeping your interest in the routine. Hopping on the machine every day, working at a steady pace and doing the same things over and over again will lead to boredom. In order to prevent this, you need to spice up your workout by making your typical exercise a bit different from the usual. Yes, you can use the preset programs from your ProForm Endurance 720 E Elliptical but if you aim to lose weight effectively, a calorie-torching HIIT workout plan is what you need.

Below is a 30-minute interval workout designed by Nicole Nichols at Sparkpeople that you can print and bring at the gym or home. Make sure to adjust the resistance level because this workout uses a scale of 10 resistance levels. You can double the digits below if you have a machine with 20 resistance levels like ProForm Endurance 720 E Elliptical.

As we always say, do 5 minutes warm up before any workout program you do to prevent injury. Also, consult your doctor before doing any physical activities that are new to you.



That’s it! Feel free to adjust this workout plan according to your ability and needs. This is the new way to fight boredom and improve your persistence while exercising. Try it now! Let us know in the comment section below if you like this routine.

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