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A Treadmill is all-weather home exercise equipment that will keep you motivated and productive no matter how good or bad the climate outdoors is. It offers different speed and incline levels you can utilize to make your everyday exercise different and spark enthusiasm. If you are looking for challenging treadmill workouts that will double or even triple your workout results, make sure to try the treadmill HIIT workout.

You can walk, jog or run on a treadmill - your choice. However, in this article, we will tackle an incline walking treadmill workout that will help you lose weight, tone your thighs and glutes. Since treadmill provides a low-impact cardio exercise, beginners and people with bad knees can both benefit to this effective 30-minute program.

A few reminders before starting this 30-minute workout designed by Peanut Butter Fingers: Prepare a bottle of water and towel with you because this running exercise will make your heart pump and your body sweat. Don’t forget to consult your doctor about this new cardio workout to make sure you are in good condition to do it.


30-Minute Incline Walking Treadmill Workout


Top Treadmill for Home Use

If you are looking for a heavy-duty treadmill with 100% guaranteed reliable performance, you should check Proform SMART Pro 9000 Treadmill + 1 yr iFit Included. It features the iFit Coach Ready fitness application with a FREE 1-year iFit subscription so you can enjoy a huge collection of workouts, personalized meal plans, a chance to train with the pro and virtually travel the world. Its 15% incline and -3% decline are set to deliver you the best hill climbing experience while its commercial grade motor ensures smooth performance and unmatched durability. This treadmill’s maximum speed is set to 0-12 mph.

Hop on its 22” x 60” inch cushioned deck area gives you plenty of room for leg movements and that your upper-body remains comfortable throughout the entire workout session. If you don’t want to renew your iFit subscription after a year, you can also take advantage of the 40 preset workouts programmed in this machine. It boasts the SpaceSaver design which allows you to easily lift the deck area and store it away.

Going to its technologies, the Proform SMART Pro 9000 Treadmill + 1 yr iFit Included has a 10” Smart HD touchscreen display that shows information about your calories burned, heart rate, incline/decline, speed, distance and time. This treadmill also comes with a wireless heart monitoring system, a workout fan, and an iPod compatible audio.

For Better Weight Loss Results

Sure this 30-minute incline walking workout on the treadmill will help you achieve better weight loss results but if you want to shed some pounds quickly, you need to do it along with a proper diet. Stay away from fatty foods, sweets and those that are high in calories. Drink more water and have enough sleep.

Once you have a treadmill like Proform SMART Pro 9000 Treadmill + 1 yr. iFit Included at home, you can squeeze a short treadmill workout whenever you feel like doing it. Having the machine in your home is the best reminder that you need to exercise regularly in order to achieve your body and health goals.

Hope this incline treadmill program is the first of many workout plans that will you perform throughout your fitness journey. All the best!

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