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In this article, we will cover the 5 best exercise bikes for 2020-2021.It's the peak of Summer with Fall and Winter soon to follow. As we know, more time inside equals less activity. However, that doesn't have to be the case. With this selection of premium fitness bikes, we're certain that you can stay active with exercise bikes offering great features and engaging fitness apps. This selection is based on:

  • Positive Customer Reviews
  • Minimal Product Issues (i.e. Damage/Defective)
  • Popularity
  • Price

This selection is of no particular order, so know that any of these choices are a great choice to help fuel your activity at home. 

Proform Studio Bike Pro

The Proform Studio Bike Pro is a star among elite fitness bikes for 2021. As the product description states, "silence never sounded so good" the Studio Pro Bike is one of Proform's more better quality items. Magnetic resistance is what makes this silence possible. Proform does a really good job building exercise bikes that are both stable and reliable for the long term. The handle bars have 5 adjustable vertical positions while the seat has 10 adjustable positions vertically and 3' horizontally.

The Pedals are optional toe cages, which we recommend you use the toe cages as it provides security and will protect you from slippages. If you have ever ridden a bicycle and your feet slipped off the pedals, then you know the type of pain that can cause. Toe caged pedals will lock your feet in and prevent any forward slippage. This will also allow you to properly place your feet to display proper form when riding your bike.

Probably one of the most attractive features is the built-in 10' Touchscreen display that allows you to both partake iFit classes and track your fitness data. Proform went a step further though and made the smart touch display able to turn180 degrees. It also tilts up and do to adjust to you preference.
Finally, two 3-pound dumbbells are included with the Studio Pro. Those who choose this bike are welcomed by a free iFit Trial and can follow the personal trainer in doing cross-training workouts. 


Echelon EX5S Exercise Bike

The Echelon EX5S lines up as one of the best fitness bikes on the market today and surely does give the Studio Bike Pro (Proform) a run for it's money. So what makes the Echelon EX5s so popular? To start, it has a massive 21.5" HD 180 degree flip screen. That's a whole lot of screen to look at while you're exercising. Even more, the EX5S has 32 levels of resistance to allow you to continue to challenge yourself. The EX5S comes with 2 dumbbells as well. Cross-training is an important part of getting faster results as mixing in multiple exercises that target specific muscles (large & small) you can drive results much faster.

Silent Magnetic Resistance for a smooth and silent ride. When you feel like pumping up the intensity, the latest technology allows you to apply a simple adjustment of the resistance knob to really burn those quads, and in turn, calories. The handle bars adjust to 9 different levels. A little over half an inch each level vertically. You also have the option to adjust the handle bars horizontally a little under half an inch each level (7 levels total). 

The seat of the EX5S is a pro-style cushioned seat which is designed not for it's sleekness, but for comfort. Always choose comfort over look. You're sitting on the seat 90% of the team anyway, so having a comfy seat is important. The seat can adjust 17 levels vertically and 7 levels horizontally measuring out at around half an inch each level. Finally, the flywheel for the EX5S is 28.6lbs 


L9 Connected SPIN® Bike w/ Tablet Mount

The L9 Connected SPIN® Bike is another sleek bike design that is both aesthetically pleasing and effective. The  L9 Connected SPIN® bike boasts that riders can enjoy a smooth experience with maximum adjustability. Unlike the other bikes have built-in Bluetooth, the L9 focuses it's efforts on design and adds these options externally. The L9 Connect comes with a cadence sensor, which is a type of fitness tracking monitor placed on the crank arm of your bike. This little sensor can connect to Spinning®️ Digital and Spinning®️ Digital+ apps. The L9 comes with a build-in tablet holder so you can easily slide your tablet to either watch your favorite shows on youtube, or watch pre-recorded and live fitness classes.

A great feature is the SPD  compatible pedals so you can choose whether you prefer sneakers or cycling shoes. This really comes down to preference, but know this. Cycling shoes clip into your pedals and lock your fit in whereas your sneakers will allow you less restriction and you'll be able to move your feet around more freely which in the long-term will prevent injury and improve your best form for maximum results.

The flywheel on the L9 is immense weighing in at 36lbs. This pushes the more real-life heavy duty cycling experience as if you were cycling on the road. The Fusion Drive™ Belt System is made with aramid fibers for strength and flexibility to offer no-maintenance needed experience.

The sturdy design is attractive for anyone who wants a sleek fitness bike that focuses on long-term quality. There is a special resistant powder-coating on the frame of the bike to keep it free from rust and sweat. This ensures, not only will the bike perform for years to come, but also maintain is aesthetic beauty. If you fall off and miss a few days, weeks or even months, when you're ready to give it a solid go again, the L9 will be waiting for you the way you left it.

The L9 also comes with a Spinning® Connect™ Armband Heart Rate Monitor to provide optimum heart-rate monitoring. The L9 is perfect for anyone who wants a more heavy-duty bike for long-term performance. Also, the strength of the design allows for a larger weight capacity. While it does not include built-in Bluetooth, the included cadence sensor makes up for this.

Proform Carbon CX Exercise Bike

 At a much lower price point, the Proform Carbon CX Bike is essentially the younger sibling of the Studio Bike Pro. The CX is a great option, offering much of the same features, but in less. For example, there is no built-in display screen. The Carbon CX comes with a built-in Tablet holder and has a lower maximum weight of 250lbs.

The 16 levels are resistance are more than enough to increase the overall intensity of your workouts. This is helped by the Silent Magnetic Resistance for a smooth & quiet riding experience. Like it's elder sibling, the Studio Bike Pro, the Carbon CX has built-in Bluetooth and comes with a 30-day iFit trial as opposed to 1-year. The inertia-enhanced flywheel powers your experience as if you were on a commercial quality bike at your home gym. 

The Carbon CX includes two 3lb dumbbells as well for your cross-training workouts with the iFit instructors. The Carbon CX is the perfect bike for someone who wants quality without hitting the more higher price points (+$1000). The frame of the Carbon CX is protected by a lifetime warranty with a year on parts & labor.

 The Mihe X900 Exercise Bike

Our last selection for the 5 best exercise bikes of 2021-2022 is the Mihe X900 exercise bike. The Mihe X900 is on the list of the best 5 exercise bikes for it's features and price point. At under $400, this exercise bike is perfect for those who want something reliable, but still want to keep it under budget.

The X900 features built-in Bluetooth technology, so users can connect to the OVICX fitness app. At the moment, purchases of this bike include a Wahoo Cadence Monitor, so users can also connect to the much acclaimed Peloton app without spending +$2,000 on their purchase. The MiheX900 comes with a tablet holder built into the design of the handlebars allowing users to rest their tablet securely on the bike. Like many of the bikes on this list today, the Mihe X900 uses silent magnetic resistance technology to allow users to increase resistances during workouts to intensify results.

Included are toe-caged pedals to keep your feet positioned properly and to prevent any possible slippage. The resistance knob is a twist to adjust and goes from 0 to 100% resistance, literally. This offers a good amount of customizability for finding that right amount of resistance where you are challenging yourself,  but not over-exerting. 

The handle bars have 8 adjustable levels (vertically) while the seat has 12 vertically and 7 horizontally. This ensure that you can adjust the bike to achieve optimal comfort when pedaling. There has been a lot of good feedback for this bike and we term this down to its price and overall quality. 

Closing Words

All of the exercise bikes mentioned on this list are our recommendations if you're looking for a exercise bike in 2020-2021. This list was not solely based on popularity, nor price but customer feedback and the number of reported damage/defects. No bike is perfect and in today's market, it can be very difficult to distinguish a product's quality from its popularity. More importantly, it can be even more difficult to find a bike that fits your needs. So, we hope that this selection has given you a better idea of what you should be looking for in your next fitness bike.



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