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Are you looking forward to the New Year with a new addition to your home gym equipment? Or perhaps you feel that 2019 is the best time to pursue your fitness goals without hesitation. If you are among the fitness enthusiasts or athletes who are planning to quit the gym and do a home-based workout instead, you will need to know the right equipment that will deliver optimum results and a good value for your money. Below is a short list of the best home gym equipment that will help you achieve your goals and make your body as stronger as possible.

  1. Kettlebell

You will surely find a kettlebell in every commercial gym because they are the most used equipment for strength training and muscle building workout. Kettlebell exercises can help improve your endurance, balance and flexibility. To get impressive results, simply increase the weight amount for more intense action. Check out York Single Kettlebell Black which comes available in different weights from 5 lbs. to 80 lbs.

  1. Fitness Bike

Indoor cycling is one of the most popular exercise equipment perfect for weight loss and muscle toning. Fitness bikes provide an effective low impact cardio workout without putting stress on joints. It gives smoother and comfortable pedaling experience compare when you are cycling outdoor. For those who recently had a knee injury, a recumbent type of fitness bike will help you keep up with your active lifestyle while recovering. A good choice would be ProForm 440 ES Recumbent Exercise Bike.

  1. Rowing Machine

Getting a rower for your home gym greatly pushes you to get moving. A rowing machine is best used for strength and endurance training - just right equipment you need to burn calories, build muscles and work on your core. It delivers a total body workout in a safe and low impact way. If you are in search for the good brands or rower in the fitness industry, we suggest you look for BodyCraft, Concept2 or NordicTrack.

  1. Treadmill

User-friendly, effective for weight loss and perfect for newbies, Treadmill is the best bang for your buck. When you use the treadmill as an alternative for outdoor running, you don’t have to worry about hitting the rocks and walking on an uneven surface. You can experience a comfortable walk/run/jog while enjoying your favorite songs or movies at home. Opt for a treadmill with generous incline, decline and speed to maximize every workout routine. We recommend these 3 best treadmills for 2019.

  1. Dumbbells

If your goal next year is to gain muscle mass, dumbbell workout is one of the excellent workout options. The good thing about dumbbells is that they are easy to use (no technical knowledge needed), inexpensive and gives several workout options focusing on legs, chest, shoulders, and triceps. Not to mention that it can also improve your overall cardiovascular health. Make sure you choose York Barbell Pro Style Dumbbell if you are looking for ergonomic and top notch quality weights.

Staying fit requires commitment and self-discipline whether you work out in a gym or at home. Having exercise equipment at home will encourage you to work hard and eat right. Good luck in achieving your fitness goals this coming year and we hope you continue to live a healthy and active life.

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