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Treadmill is one of the widely used exercise equipment at home or in the gym to get lean, tone up muscles and achieve more defined abs. It's basically the most loved cardio machine and a great alternative to outdoor running. A treadmill workout offers a lot of health benefits such as decreased insulin resistance, stronger body, reduced risk of heart and cholesterol problems. If you want to lose weight, a regular treadmill plus a proper diet plan is what you need. Read on as we share valuable information on how you can use the treadmill to exercise your abdominals in preparation for your six-pack abs goal.

Do treadmills target abdominals?

Yes! When you walk, run or jog on a treadmill, your rectus abdominis, internal oblique, core muscles, hips, glutes and lower back are engaged. However, if you are looking on keeping your abdominal muscles activated throughout your treadmill workout, use the treadmill incline adjustability. Most treadmills like Proform SMART Pro 9000 Treadmill are built with generous incline levels to deliver a more challenging routine. For more effective abs strengthening exercises, you can perform crunches or a rowing machine workout.

How many hours of exercise on treadmill needed for good abs results?

Treadmill exercise is for all people at any fitness levels and the number of hours you need to spend depends on the intensity of your workout. It is not ideal to perform the same routine with the same intensity every day because it will restrict you from getting all the benefits. So if you plan for a moderately intense treadmill workout, you need to spend 30 minutes for 5 days while 20 minutes 2 days per week for vigorous interval training. For impressive abdominal results, you shouldn't eat the same amount of calories you burned or else your efforts are good for nothing.

What is the best treadmill killer abs workout?

Nothing beats a HIIT treadmill workout when it comes to exercising abdominal muscles.  Do either a 30-minute interval training or a 60-minute long cardio exercise to transform your abs. Start with a 5-minute walk at a low intensity as a warm-up. Maintain a proper posture with your body leaning forward from your ankles, keeping your spine straight and your belly button pulled. Begin walking/running until you reach your target heart rate zone to increase your calorie burn rate while getting your abdominal muscles involved.

Any tips for treadmill abs workout?

For newbies and professionals who want to make the most out of a treadmill abs workout, make sure you keep in mind the following tips:

  • Add incline. Treadmills like Proform SMART Pro 9000 Treadmill have 1-15% incline range that you can take advantage to vary the intensity of your workout. Running at an incline will help in strengthening your abdominal muscles.
  • Tuck in your belly button. Make sure you breathe properly while at this position to keep your core muscles engaged as you use the treadmill. Pulling your stomach muscles will help in building your midsection.  
  • Add resistance. To work on your biceps, triceps and quadriceps during your treadmill workout, use sandbag weights on both of your ankles and wrists.

Now that you know how treadmill can work your abdominal muscles and help you in reaching your six-pack goal, are you going to join the gym or do the workout at home instead? If you prefer the convenience of home exercising, we recommend you Proform SMART Pro 9000 Treadmill. It is engineered with 22” x 60” Tread Belt, iFit Coach App, 10” display, 40 workout preset workout programs, and a commercial grade motor. Simply everything you need to kickstart your treadmill workout!

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