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When you visit the gym chances are treadmills and ellipticals are already occupied and rowing machines are available which is a bit absurd because rowing provides an extraordinary cardio exercise. Metabolism boost, toned muscles, calories burned, stronger body and a healthier heart are a few of the benefits you can get with rowing.

A rowing machine delivers a total body workout, engaging most of your muscles in your core, arms, back, and legs. However, did you know that you can carry out a powerful training by combining rowing with a strength exercise? Here’s how you can lose fat faster and condition your body for an upcoming athletic competition.

Workout 1: Burpee + Row

On this workout, you need to row 500 meters in 1 minute and 40 seconds and the remainder from that duration will be the number of burpees you need to do after rowing (1 second = 1 burpee). In case you are planning to get a rowing machine for residential use, we recommend VR400 Pro Commercial Rowing Machine w/Air/Magnetic Resistance.

Warm up. Row until you reach the 500 meters as fast as you can with enough caution. Quickly get off from the rowing and perform the burpee you need to complete depending on how you did well on achieving the 500 meters row.  

Workout 2:  Row + Kettlebell + Sit-ups

This is an extreme fat burning workout that will help you lose weight effectively. Make sure you monitor your calories burned while performing this exercise. Warm up for 5 minutes. Row until you burned 30 calories. Do 30 kettlebell swings followed by 30 sit-ups. Recover for 1 minute and repeat from the start for 4 rounds.

Workout 3:  Row + Squat + Push-ups

This is another fat burning moves combining three exercises. Warm up for 5 minutes. Start by rowing for 200 meters. Do squat for 10 reps and push up for 10 reps as well. Don’t forget to take your rest as needed to let your muscles recover and regain energy.

If you do home-based workouts using the Commercial Rowing Machine w/Air/Magnetic Resistance, make sure to ready a bottle of water and towel with you as this exercise is set to increase your calorie burned rate.

Workout 4:  Row + Dumbbell Thruster

This is a workout that will boost your metabolism helping you shed some pounds faster. Start with a 5-minute warm up. Row 500 meters as fast as you can. Grab a dumbbell for each hand and do thrusters for 25 reps. Do 4 rounds with rest in between rounds. For an impressive result, finish in less than 20 minutes.

Workout 5:  Race

This workout can be performed in the gym or if you have two rowers at home. Find a fitness buddy who you can compete with for completing 3 rounds of the distance and calorie race. Both of you should do a 5-minute warm up first. Round 1: Row 100 meters 3 times and 2 rounds. Round 2: Row 20 calories 3 times and 2 rounds. Round 3: Row 1000 meters. Whoever finishes first on each round wins.

Decide where to perform these five rowing workouts - at home or in the gym. VR400 Pro Commercial Rowing Machine w/Air/Magnetic Resistance is one of the best machines if you are willing to invest in your fitness and health goals. This heavy duty machine has 1 level of air resistance and 15 levels of magnetic resistance which you can take advantage when you want to increase the intensity of your exercise. It is foldable and has built-in transport wheels for your easy storage - 100% perfect for home rowing exercises.

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