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Bodycraft Xpress pro

Bodycraft has lived to its motto “The art and science movement” by emerging the victor in developing Home gym with its series of Xpress Pro. The home gym is designed with a heavy steel of tubing frame, coated with an electrostatic powder paint. Its pulleys are designed to have a diameter of 4.5” that provides a fluid motion that is smooth. Its cables are all internally lubricated making the machines rankings at 2000lb tensile strong.The Bodycraft home gym was created with the user in mind when it came to resistance, smooth performance, comfort for your back and height and its durability through its spacing and lubrication.

The Xpress pro home gym has been made with state of the art features such as cable arms that are adjustable hence opening up to several forms of exercises. This adjustable cable arms can move from 0 to 180 degrees providing you with a number of different workout choices. Adding to its top-notch performance its said Xpress pro home gym is the first one of its kind and since its release has been imitated by virtually all other existing home gyms.

Its pulley and cables bring about an unrestricted, fully natural as well as correct biomechanical movements.The Xpress uses a 200lb weight stack utility in its provision for the resistance of all its exercise activities. Uniquely Xpress pro is made of double cables that work efficiently to increase up to almost 400lbs of resistance

.• Xpress Pro is made purposely for a number of several exercises such as; Low pulley, mid pulley, and high pulley station for adductor and abductor leg kicks, abdominal training and pushes down triceps respectively.

• Sufficient spacing when it comes to its placement along the wall.

• Curl and leg stations for standing and seated leg stretch respectively.

• A seat that is completely adjustable to suits users of any size. It’s possible to adjust the seat while seated through squeezing the remote control placed under the seat.

• Arms cable that is adjustable with a total of 11 positions for adjustments allowing for a range exercises such as sports, dumbbell, functional and core training. The Bodycraft Xpress pro has a lifetime long warranty which only applies to defects from its original materials as well as workmanship for only the original owner.

Bodycraft X2 

This is a home gym that has lived up to its name as a family home gym tool, it is created to allow many users to perform their exercise at the same time. It has a weight of 200 pounds of weight as well as 3 exercise stations with an extra optional station to compliment. It offers a wide comprehensive number of workouts adding up to over a 100.Its biggest flaw is its cost though one would say it’s worth its cost due to the features it offers.


• Has an adjustable seating system and cable to enable the user reach his or her ideal height location. The same feature enables its user to achieve varying angles during their workout routines.

• There is a station meant for abdominal crunch which is composed a leg press that has a resistance capacity of up to 400lb.

• Cable arms to enable it to be versatile, which compensates its lack of decks meant for pectorals.

• Cable system makes it possible for the user to perform dumbbell simulation type of workout which saves lots of space and money in acquiring additional equipment for home workout.

• Bodycraft X2 has three types of pulley stations mid-pulley, triceps-pulley and triceps extension pulley that is responsible for abs crunches, lap pulls downs, as well as triceps, pull downs respectively.

• It’s accompanied with a way of adding an extra attachment such as dip station, knee raise, and his station as well as a station for leg press. A feature that is not common with any other family home gym equipment.

• From the way it has been built this equipment requires a large amount of space thus a spacious room.

• This equipment is was made for mostly those individuals who are well versed in a wide range of workout exercises and not entry level individual.Bodycraft X2 is meant to help its users bring out the best out of their selves through its all-around workout exercises. The main hurdle with this device lies in its purchasing cost as well as its time-consuming assembling process.

Bodycraft X4

Bodycraft has termed this equipment as one of their most versatile 4 weight stack systems. From its name four, X4 allows up to four users at one particular time. This equipment is meant to strengthen your training life in return you will receive lean muscles as you burn a lot of calories as much as possible. This equipment is working well with fire stations, corporate gyms as well as clubhouses.


• Station one is fully adjustable as it’s equipped with over 100 exercises, it’s possible to duplicate dumbbells workout with his workouts. This station is mostly meant for sports-oriented workouts and functional training workouts.

• Station two has an Adjustable column of dual cable meant for functional training. The station has a high level of resistance at any angle and height. It’s made of static handles to provide balance during leg workouts

• Station three is comprised of an arm, incline, style bench and shoulder press.Self-aligning extension for legs, mid pulley, leg curl for leg exercises.

• Station four is made of calf raise for a complete leg development. Its cabling station has a ratio of 1:2 to almost 400 lb. of resistance.

• X4 is made for both domestic as well commercial purpose.

• This equipment is custom made to work with almost all the Bodycraft complimentary productsThis Bodycraft product is given a life warranty to its original use for a lifetime if he or she uses it for domestic purpose, the warrant only covers for the parts. If the equipment is being used for commercial purposes its parts warranty lasts for only two years as the frame is covered for ten years. All this is only applicable to its original owner.

The Bodycraft products shipping cost are dependent on the place you get it from as well as the type of delivery you wish for. The assembling can be tough and time-consuming but the good news is that all the gym equipment comes with its  own manual.

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