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For those who want to get in shape but unable to visit the gym regularly or make time, make sure you try dumbbell home workouts. Whether you wish to burn calories quickly, increase your muscle definition and strengthen your entire body, you need one to two or a set of dumbbells to get this done.

These weights are also a great addition when you want to exercise your upper body muscles while using a fitness bike. If dumbbell workouts are properly done, you’ll definitely achieve well-toned muscles and even become a step closer to that six-pack abs.  Read on as we continue to share with you different dumbbell workouts and the reasons why this cardio workout is a hit among bodybuilders and athletes alike.

Why Dumbbell Workout

There are so many reasons why opt for a dumbbell workout, from making the cardiovascular and skeletal system healthy to burning calories. Below are most of the benefits your body can gain when you incorporate this workout to your existing routine.

  • It improves balance and posture.
  • It boosts muscular endurance.
  • It can decrease the risk of heart diseases.
  • It increases bone density and improves bone health.
  • It increases metabolism which is good for weight loss.
  • Dumbbells are inexpensive.
  • Doesn’t require bigger space at home.

Dumbbell Exercises for Men

  1. Farmers Carries

Carry the weights (of the same weight) on each of your hands. Walk forward and backward utilizing the available space you have. Take short but quick steps as much as you can. This can help improve your form and grip.

  1. Chest Press

In this exercise, you will need a bench like Body Craft F600 Flat Utility Bench w/Wheels. Lie on the bench holding dumbbells. Hands out in front holding the weights forward, pull your shoulder as far as possible. Bend your elbows slightly until you feel your chest muscles stretched. Bring the elbows back up slowly until you bring them close together.

  1. Seated Bicep Curls

Sit upright on the bench. Grab weights on both hands hang them on the side of your body. Curl and bring your hands close to the armpit doing it with both hands at the same time. Bring them down, hanging and up again close and tight to the armpit.

Dumbbell Exercises for Women

  1.  Swing

Pretty much like the kettlebell swing. To start, hold a dumbbell with both hands vertically, squat down, drive yourself forward then swing the weight in between your knees to chest height. Squat down again and swing again to repeat.

  1. Step Ups

Find an elevated platform. While carrying weights on both hands on your sides, place your right foot onto it, next is left foot. Without pausing at the top, step down with your left foot first then the right. Do it again on the other side.

  1. Single-Arm Row

Put your left hand and knee at the top of the BodyCraft F600 Flat Utility Bench w/Wheels with your right foot wide and touching the floor. Keep the weights hanging down on your right hand. Drive the elbow up, lifting the weight close to your torso.

Are you ready for your dumbbell home workout? If you don’t have weights at home, you can purchase one like York Barbell Legacy Solid Round Dumbbell. It is available on most online stores and probably in the gym equipment store near you.

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