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There's a bunch of obvious reasons why someone buys a treadmill.

  • Fat loss - usually the main reason.
  • Staying active on a busy schedule.
  • Running in the comfort of your own home.
  • Your local gym is always busy or too far away.
  • Ease of the pressure on your joints. - Treadmill Deals

The list goes on...

Today we've put together an infographic that we feel best illustrates the benefits of buying a treadmill. Did you know that the Department of Health and Human Services recommends adults get at least 150 minutes of aerobic exercise per week? That's 21 minutes a day! Although this may not sound like a lot to you there's a lot of reasons why this amount of cardio is too much to ask for some. Reasons include:

  • debilitating 9am-5pm - you get home and you're exhausted from work.
  • You're too hungry.
  • Although work is finished, work is not really finished. The idea of exercising seems more like a distraction.

Your mind is battling your heart.

Image result for brain fight

If it was easy we'd all be walking around with a beach body showing off our six-pack abs. The truth is though there is a more to fat loss than we think. It's not as simple as running on a treadmill and losing weight. Our post workout meals are crucial to our success after working out. Why is this? Well, your post workout meal is essentially the first source of nutrients your body will go after to replenish all those lost during exercise. So running on the treadmill for 21 minutes then ordering 2 Large pizza's from Domino's is probably going to do more damage.

So what should you eat?

Image Source:

There's a nice list of vegetables, wheats & grains, fruits and meat that are ideal for a mission to get lean. This is especially ideal for those trying to lose belly fat.


Treadmills are perhaps on of the best ways to burn fat and get a solid cardio workout. It's been noted that there is a minor difference in calories burned when walking compared to running during your session. The key take away here is if you run you'll expend more calories after your workout (when your resting your body is still burning calories to adjust).

If you're interested in purchasing a treadmill check out our treadmill selection . All purchases come with a full-manufacturer's warranty and lifetime customer support.

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