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Do you want to achieve impressive results with your next treadmill workout? All you need to do is a High-Intensity Interval Training or known as HIIT in the fitness industry. This cardio training can help you burn more calories in the shortest possible time as long as you master the technique. HIIT will require you to mix together high-intensity exercise with low-intensity exercise or the recovery period.

How to perform HIIT on Treadmill

It is important to remember that you must do a couple of exercises weekly before diving into this training to make sure your body is ready for an intense training. There are several HIIT treadmill workout suggestions but as a beginner, you can perform the following.

  1. Warm up for 10 minutes, do a brisk walk and slowly start doing jogs.
  2. Run for 4 minutes at a fast pace.
  3. Walk for 4 minutes for the recovery period.
  4. Repeat this cycle 4 times.
  5. If this interval training doesn’t test your strength, you can add an incline to the treadmill.
  6. After the last 4 minutes recovery, do a cool down walk for 5 minutes.

You can do HIIT training using a treadmill twice a week along with your other favorite workouts. Some of the advanced treadmills available in the market today include interval training as a preset exercise program like Proform Performance 600i Treadmill. You can just select the push the work button to speed it up and recover to slow it down. This feature gives ease and comfort while helping you focus on the training.

Benefits of Interval Training on Treadmill

Interval training isn’t popular for no reason. It provides many benefits that usual exercises can’t and some of these are the following:

  • The intermingled high and low-intensity exercise enhance endurance.
  • You burn calories even after finishing your HIIT session unlike running or jogging.
  • Your lungs and heart become stronger and healthier with interval training.
  • An active lifestyle is proven to reduce stress and improves motivation.
  • Two or three 30-minute interval treadmill workout is all you need to burn calories.
  • Effective for losing weight and burning belly fats.
  • Increase metabolism and slows down aging.
  • Every session challenges you to give your best shot

Important Note: Do not over train or do the HIIT more than three times a week. It will be safe to perform it after two days of rest. Your body needs to rest in order to recover and become ready for the next session.

If you wish to do the workout at home instead of going to the gym, you can get a Proform Performance 600i Treadmill. It’s a home gym equipment with commercial grade motor built for high-intensity exercises like HIIT. Some of its award-winning features include the iFit Coach technology, 0 – 12% incline range, 22 professional training programs, folds up design and iPod compatible audio system. Having a Proform Performance 600i Treadmill at home, there will be no reason for not doing the interval training.


Proform Performance 600i Treadmill

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