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Lose weight, tone muscles, stronger body and a healthier heart are what all exercisers aim to achieve when they first landed their foot on an elliptical trainer. But did you know that you can maximize these results and achieve them quickly? Yes, it's possible! To help you get the greatest output from your workouts, follow our tips below.

Tip #1: Know the right posture

It's crucial to be aware of the proper elliptical posture because it can minimize the benefit you can get from your workout and may potentially lead to pain or worse, injuries. Maintaining a good posture will help you make the most out of every stride. So stand comfortably, your spine neutral, keep your head high, chin straight, and pull your shoulders. Put your hands on the handles and grip lightly, place your foot aligned to the pedals and you are ready for some action.

Tip #2: Monitor your heart rate

If you are serious about losing weight or improving your endurance, it would be ideal to track your heart rate to target a certain zone for a calorie-torching workout. It's also important for people to check their heart rate for some safety reasons. Regardless of your reasons, the heart rate monitoring system is built for you to use. Some elliptical trainers like ProForm Smart Strider 695 CSE Elliptical have a heart rate monitor built into the handlebars while others offer a wireless heart rate monitor.

Tip #3: Backward pedaling

While your usual pedaling on an elliptical trainer helps you burn calories, there is another effective way to increase your calorie burning rate and that is pedaling backwards. You don’t have to turn your body around to do this, just start pedaling in a clockwise direction and slowly reverse them thus putting you in a counter-clockwise direction. That's it!

Tip #4: Elliptical HIIT workout

If you only got 30 minutes a day to squeeze in a quick exercise, HIIT is the best type of workout for you. HIIT has a plenty of reason to trend in the fitness industry today. It helps busy people to remain active, saves time and most importantly, it kills boredom and keeps you enthusiastic. If you are a beginner, start with a 10-minute HIIT and when you became comfortable to do a 30-minute HIIT elliptical workout in your next gym session.

Tip #5: Vary your workout experience

While some people think that most cardio machines provide a steady and fixed workout, elliptical trainers are built to deliver an exciting range of available workout programs and adjustability. To manage the intensity of your exercise, just adjust the resistance and incline levels to what suits your ability. Elliptical trainers like ProForm Smart Strider 695 CSE Elliptical are fully loaded with preset workout programs that you can use for a more challenging and goal-oriented exercise.

Now that you know how to get the best possible results with your elliptical workout, it's for you to decide if you want to do it in the gym or at home. You can get a membership to the gym near your work office or purchase ProForm Smart Strider 695 CSE Elliptical for home use.

May you have a productive workout following these five tips!

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