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The elliptical trainer is one of the excellent choices of equipment for a cardio workout if you want to lose weight, get fit and tone muscles. Using this machine is as easy as pie plus it provides less strain on joints and is ideal for beginners use. With a great amount of effort and commitment, you can burn as many calories as you need to reach your target weight and achieve the rest of your fitness goals.  However, the effectiveness of an elliptical workout also depends on how you do things correctly.

Do you know the proper position to stay safe? Are you following a workout plan and taking advantage of your machine’s features? You may not be aware but some of the things you do during your workout may be incorrect. So In this article, we cover everything you need to know to keep you on the right track when using an elliptical trainer.

How to Use an Elliptical

For beginners who haven’t used an elliptical before, we have cited the most important things you need to remember when operating this cardio machine. On the other hand, if you are using elliptical machines for cardio boost, knowing this information will help you determine if you do it the proper way.

  1. Hop on the machine. Face the display screen and grab the handlebars then place each of your foot on the pedals. Sometimes, pedals move right away after you step onto them making you lose your balance.
  2. Position yourself.  Keep your spine straight, your belly button tucked and your head upright. Grasp either the static or moving handles.
  3. Pedal forward at an easy pace to turn on the machine, if not a quick start button should be available on the console. Bend your knees when pedaling and your arms should be swinging with the handles if you use the moving handlebars.  
  4. Utilize the incline and resistance levels. The key to a challenging workout is increasing the intensity of the exercise through the resistance levels. Some elliptical machines offer generous and silent magnetic resistance like ProForm Endurance 720 E Elliptical.
  5. Use the moving handlebars for a full-body workout. This will engage your biceps, triceps, chest, and back muscles.
  6. Pedal backwards to exercise your hamstring and glutes. Though it's not the usual way you do an elliptical workout, it's still the best way to do a fat blasting workout by the experts.
  7. Use the machine’s special features. Most ellipticals are equipped with built-in programs that can help you vary your everyday routine. Track your heart rate and measure your progress using the display console.

Common Elliptical Mistakes People Do

Workout errors are unavoidable, especially for beginners. In order to help you prevent them as much as possible, we have listed some of the common mistakes we noticed people do.

  1. You lock your knees when pedaling. This will prevent you from getting all the muscle strengthening benefits. Make sure your knees slightly bent on every stroke.
  2. You believe pedaling faster will help you maximize your workout. Well, no it's about increasing the resistance level.
  3. Your one-month workout plan never changed. Working at the same pace every day will lead to a boring routine so make sure to add resistance or do interval training.
  4. You don’t use the console to see your stats. Enter your weight, age and target heart rate to personalize your workout statistics.
  5. You put too much pressure. Avoid putting your weight on your toes because this will make your feet numb.
  6. You don’t use the moving handlebars. Don’t forget to use the moving handlebars 2-3 days a week to strengthen your upper body muscles.

Now that you are fully aware of the common mistakes users do during their workout and how to use elliptical trainer the right way, you are more than ready to take the challenge and do a calorie-torching cardio exercise. Decide if you want to do it at the gym or get a top quality elliptical for home use. ProForm Endurance 720 E Elliptical is our recommended model. Hope this helps fitness enthusiasts at all levels.

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