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Our Thoughts About Workout Apps

When your life gets busier, you will find it hard to spend time exercising at the gym especially if your daily routine is home to work, work to home. Thanks to the genius people behind the development of in-demand home gym equipment such as elliptical, fitness bikes, rowing machine, treadmills, etc. You can now perform cardio activities at home at your most convenient time. Isn’t a great solution for busy people like you?

A regular 30-minute to 1-hour workout can help you burn calories, build muscles and improve overall body strength in a mid-run. But what gives you the idea of getting close to obtaining your goal? A workout app! By using a workout app, you’ll be able to track your own progress and see the results of your hard work. After all knowing how far you’ve gone from your first day can surely give you a boost of motivation.

What is a Workout App?

A workout app allows you to set a goal and track your progress towards achieving that particular goal. There are several workout apps available today, some are simple while others are advanced that’s why finding the right one can be overwhelming. An easier way is to determine what you want to keep track - heart rate, weight loss, daily steps and calorie count among others. Once you find the perfect app for your fitness training, you can move forward with great motivation.

Benefits of Using a Workout App

  1. Improve motivation

Motivation is what keeps you going. Home-based workouts can be difficult because you need to do them on your own which is different when you go to the gym with your friends who encourage you to train well. Workout app fights with this scenario by allowing you to share your progress with anyone thus making you feel proud of the outcomes.

  1. Easy progress tracking

Tracking your progress helps you determine if you are closer to reaching your goals. Whether it is about measuring the calorie burned or heart rate, knowing what you have achieved for the entire week gives you more strength and a positive feeling of becoming fit and healthy.

  1. Help save time and money

With a workout app, you don’t have to be at the gym to be guided by a certified and professional trainer. You can also take advantage of the free workout apps available like MyFitnessPal which is one of the personal choices of most fitness enthusiasts today.

Home Exercise Equipment with Built-in Workout App

Home Exercise Equipment with Built-in Workout App

Our personal pick for an elliptical with built-in workout app is the Proform Pro 12.9 Elliptical Machine that features an iFit Coach App powered by Google Maps. iFit Coach focus on helping you achieve your goal quickly by suggesting personalized workouts, activities, meals and even instruction to better sleep. It also gives you the unique experience of working out in the different parts of the world. With its unlimited workout library, you can surely find exercises appropriate to your goal. On the other hand, if you prefer a treadmill, we recommend Proform 400i Treadmill having the same workout app. You can draw your own trails instead of selecting the preset routes from the app, iFit will instantly send it to your exercise equipment. Either Proform Pro 12.9 Elliptical Machine or Proform 400i Treadmill works well if you are game for a cardio workout.

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