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The kettlebell workout is the new trend in the fitness industry nowadays; both men and women are into it. Whether you want to achieve a flat stomach or just shed some pounds to reach your target weight, the kettlebell workout is just right for you. It delivers a full body toning by working your lower and upper body muscles on every repetition. It's one of the most effective cardio and strength training you can perform without investing much on the exercise equipment.

If you are planning to lose weight, this one is definitely good news for you. According to the studies of American Council on Exercise, a 30-minute workout using kettlebell burns of 600 calories at an average. So if you are keen in getting fit and losing weight, better start this workout today.

5 Kettlebell Workout for Weight Loss

Are you ready to play with kettlebells? Make sure you do 5 minutes stretching and cool down in between reps. Below are five of the most common workouts people find useful in terms of losing weight.

  1. Kettlebell Deadlift

Stand in an upright position with the bell between your feet. Hold the bell using both hands facing the floor maintaining a flat back as you sit. Drive your hips forward while lifting the bell until you stand tall. Bring it right back down on the floor.

  1. Kettlebell Clean

Stand in an upright position with the bell between your feet. Reach for the bell on the floor with your one hand and swing it between your legs. When the bell is in belly button height, pull your elbow back and slide your hand to catch it. Push the bell and let it swing down. As you progress, you can do more clean before bringing down the bell.

  1. Kettlebell Snatch

Stand in an upright position with the bell between your feet. Grab the bell on the floor with one hand, drive forward and swing it up. Do a couple of snatches more before swinging down the bell.

  1. Kettlebell High Pull

Stand in an upright position with the bell 1 foot away in front of you. Grab the bell with both hands maintaining a flat back as you sit. Push through your heels and come up. When the bell reaches midway, lift the bell elbows high and let it rest below your chin. Bend your knees as you bring the bell down.

  1. Kettlebell Press

Start with the bell in rack position just like what you did with the ‘clean’ then press the weight directly upward. Upper arm should be by the ear level, then pull it back to rack position and do another one.

The Right Kettlebell Weights

Kettlebells are available in different weight and the most used are from 4-24 kg. The best kettlebell weight to start with for women is 8 kg while it should be 12-16 kg for men. Women with more weight and male who are just starting out with kettlebell workouts can use a 12 kg. bell. We suggest finding York Barbell Single Kettlebell Black which is available in 2-36 kg weight.

Where to Buy Kettlebells

Kettlebells are always present in gyms and if you prefer to have one at home, make sure you check with your local gym supplies provider and online for a wide range of choices.  Kettlebell varies in sizes and its best to invest in 2-3 pieces of York Barbell Single Kettlebell Black. Use the two bells with the same weight in case you are planning to use both hands during the workout while the other one with lighter weight for a single-handed workout.

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