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It's no secret that rowing workout is another great cardio exercise which is ultimately good for the heart, body and mind. Aside from decreasing the risk of heart diseases and strengthening your body, a rowing workout also helps relieve stress and gives you a good sleep.

Rowing machines provide a total body workout that recruits your upper and body muscles together. It is one of the ideal exercises to improve overall fitness and build muscles. So if you are interested in getting one for home use, make sure you know more about rowers.

Rowers are classed by their resistance mechanism and they are air, magnetic, water and hydraulic. The air and magnetic type of rower are two of the most popular and widely used in commercial and home gyms. Let’s dig deeper into these two to help you decide which one is for you.


Both types of rower have a seat, rail, handle and heel rest and are ideal for providing a smooth gliding motion on each row. In addition to this, both of them also mimic outdoor rowing experience but one does better over the other. They also give the same health and fitness benefits to your body. These two rowers are available in the market in low, medium and high price ranges.


By seeing a rowing machine, you can immediately tell if it has a magnetic resistance or its uses air resistance. A magnetic rower has a magnetic brake system that produces resistance and is adjustable depending on your preference. On the other hand, an air rower has damper settings which increase or decreases the amount of airflow in the flywheel to produce resistance. No matter how slow or fast you row, a magnetic rower will not increase its resistance and its the opposite for air rower.

Since the air rower uses a fan that creates whooshing sound, magnetic rower is considered to be quieter. When it comes to size, a magnetic rower is larger compared to an air rower when not folded-up. For tracking your workout progress, air rower tends to be more accurate than the magnetic type.

Our Choice of Air Rower

Concept2 Indoor Rower E is one of the most popular rowing machines nowadays. This machine looks luxury from top to bottom. Its sleek and heavy duty 20” frame supports low to high-intensity training while its nickel-plated chain only requires minimal oiling. With Concept2, you don’t have to worry about space because it comes with front transport wheels and designed to be folded up. It has the most advanced performance monitor that shows your workout data and can be connected via Bluetooth to Concept2 Edge and other different fitness apps.

Our Choice of Magnetic Rower

VR400 Pro Commercial Rowing Machine has 15 level of magnetic resistance and 1 level of air resistance. It has lightweight handlebar, molded seat, and adjustable foot straps. Similar with the Concept2 indoor rower, the VR400 Pro Commercial Rowing Machine is also engineered with foldable design and transport wheels for added convenience when used at home. After 4 minutes of no operation, this rower will automatically turn into sleep mode and shutdown.

Regardless of the similarities and differences rowers have, one thing is for sure - you can use them for a wide variety of strength, conditioning and power exercises. VR400 Pro Commercial Rowing Machine and Concept2 Indoor Rower E are two of the best options you have. Sometimes it just all boils down to the price and features of a rowing machine - that is totally up for you decide.

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