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Top Fitness Gear Must-Haves To Keep You In Shape

Aside from keeping you comfortable with every movement, wearing the proper workout clothing can also motivate you to perform the exercises very well. There is no exception to this whether you train in a gym or at home. Additionally, knowing the best workout equipment suitable for your fitness needs and workout app is also valuable. To guide you towards achieving your total fitness fashion and finding the right exercise machine, we outlined below the must-have workout gear.

Activewear for Men

Men usually wear a combination of an athletic shirt and short but you can also try it with running pants if you like. If you want to keep your valuables with you like a wallet or mobile phone, some shorts have a secure pocket. When it comes to shoes, there is a wide array of choices to pick from, some of the big names are Nike and Adidas. Be sure not to forget your comfy socks too. You can find these items at your local sports store. Once you have these clothing on you, you are ready to roll.

Activewear for Women

For cardio training, the ideal clothing for women is a legging with the right amount of compression, a sports bra for a nice fit and lift, and running shoes. Color and design won’t matter as long as you feel comfortable wearing them. Here’s a tip: If you are up for a moderate to intense fat burning elliptical workout, tie up your hair using a ponytail not too high and tight. You don’t want your long hair to ruin your workout.

Best Elliptical

If you are finally investing to an elliptical as a home gym equipment, then congratulations! You just made the best investment for your health. If you don’t want to deal with the thousands of elliptical machines available in the market today one by one, just try looking for a Proform Elliptical like Proform Smart Strider 895 CSE Elliptical. It features 32 pre-programmed workouts designed to deliver simple to challenging exercises to focus on achieving your muscle toning and weight goals. The Proform Smart Strider 895 CSE Elliptical boast a unique workout experience with iFit® Coach Ready powered by Google Maps that gives you the opportunity to travel the world while burning calories.

Best Treadmill

Another cardio machine that can bring you to your favorite place in the world is ProForm 995i Treadmill thanks to iFit®. An average person with 165 lbs. Weight who does a 30-minute treadmill workout can burn approximately 278 calories. Can you imagine? Adjusting the incline level will give you a more intense treadmill workout that will make you sweat and your heart pumps faster.

If you are looking for a treadmill that can help you save space, ProForm 995i Treadmill is your best bet. It folds up and can be stored easily when you’re done with your training. You don’t need to sacrifice the space in your living room anymore with this innovative designed made especially to make your home fitness session more convenient.

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