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Exercise Rowing Machines vs. Elliptical Cross Trainers

Do you plan on pursuing your cardio exercises at home instead of going to the gym regularly? If so, you might be wondering which home gym equipment can help you shed out more calories - a rowing machine or an elliptical. You are not alone, many fitness enthusiasts also questioned the effectiveness of these two machines but trust us, they are both great in improving your endurance and stamina. Finding the perfect equipment actually boils down to more of what you’re looking for - features, reasonable price, space saver, etc. So to help you make a solid decision, we cover some of the key points you need to know before buying your first home-based workout machine.

Difficulty of Use

Elliptical machines are pretty much straightforward to use compared to rowing machines which require a proper execution.  With an elliptical, you just simply step on the pedals like you are walking outdoors and grab the handles - that’s it! On the other hand, following a training video from a certified professional trainer can help you practice the pulling stroke of a rowing machine.  

Intensity Level

Basically, the intensity level of exercises depends on the resistance of a rowing machine same with elliptical. For example, ProForm Pro 9.9 Elliptical Trainer provides 24 levels of resistance while BodyCraft VR200 Rowing Machine has 6 levels of resistance. This doesn’t mean elliptical is better than a rowing machine by having more levels of resistance. In fact, rowing machines are considered ‘tough’ than ellipticals making them less likely the choice of beginners.

Space Requirements

Not having an ample space at home could be one of the biggest problems that may stop you from buying home gym equipment. But with the innovative easy fold up design discovered by the manufacturers and technology experts, you can now enjoy exercising on the best elliptical or rowing machine at your home without any worries. Not all of them are foldable but you may want to check ProForm Pro 9.9 Elliptical Trainer and BodyCraft VR200 Rowing Machine.

Workout Benefits

Both of these machines allow you to perform a total body workout which strengthens your upper and lower body muscles. After working out for 30 minutes on both machines, you’ll reap the cardio benefits. When it comes to muscle toning, rowing machine focuses on your core and arms while the elliptical gives you the option to target just your lower body muscle by removing your hands from the handlebars.


Because rowing machines have simpler mechanism and ellipticals do offer a lot of extra features (most of the time), you will find that a rowing machine is less expensive. However, this always depends on your choice of brand and the model that met your criteria.  

Overall, the decision is for you to make. Ask yourself: Which of the two cardio machines suit your fitness goal? Do you want to just lose weight or earn abs? How much are you willing to spend on a home gym equipment? Determine your needs and you’ll find the perfect rowing machine or elliptical trainer for your fitness program.

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