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Often enough just eating low carb foods isn’t enough. If you want to get rid of those pounds or gain some lean muscle, you need kick-start that metabolism! Here are some great ways to get you there:

Spicy Foods

Ever remember eating a hot jalapenos pizza, and huffing and puffing with your eyes bulging out of your head? As your mouth gets set on fire, so is your heart, which sets your metabolism going on haywire! Start adding some fresh or dried chilies to your favorite dishes, or spice things up a bit with black or cayenne pepper. Watch how many curries you order though – they’ve still got a lot of calories!

Chewy Foods

No doubt you’ve heard the phrase ‘Eating a piece of celery burns more calories than it gives’ – well this is actually true! The best part is, there are many more items besides ‘rabbit food’ which you can leverage in exactly the same way. All kinds of greens (like spinach, lettuce, cabbage etc.) are fantastic, plus you get the added benefit of them being packed with vitamins and minerals. Be sure to eat plenty of raw fruit and vegetables as well – just remember that the more chewing you have to do, the faster your metabolism goes and the more fat you can burn! If you’re not a vegetarian, you can also take advantage of meat providing exactly the same benefit. In fact, any food high in protein is an awesome metabolism-booster, and like vegetables, they provide extra work for your digestive system.

Don’t go piling on the packs of chewing gum though – you don’t want to be choosing foods which speed up the metabolism but overload your body with sugar!

Sour Foods

Another great group of foods which speed up the metabolism is sour ones – just think how much your body is working when you screw your face up after sucking on a lemon! Why not add a couple of grapefruits to your weekly diet as well, or a squeeze of lemon juice in your tea instead of milk. Try experimenting with lime juice in your cooking as well – the possibilities are endless

More Great Foods Which Speed Up The Metabolism

Green tea has been well known for boosting your fat-loss, and since it’s loaded with antioxidants and is caffeine free, it’s no bad deal for your body. Did you know that drinking water actually boosts your metabolism as well? Furthermore, since it has zero calories, you’re effectively hyper-charging your fat-loss for free! Try to get at least half a gallon of pure water every day. Other great foods to skyrocket your circulation are beans and legumes, oats, egg whites, and whole grains.

To speed up your metabolism more, a regular exercise routine is a must. A simple exercise routine like doing cardio of an hour is better than nothing. Check out this BodyCraft SPX Indoor Club Group Cycle that is perfect for your home. Going to the gym is often bothersome, that's why having your equipment in your home is a great convenience.

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