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ProForm is a popular treadmill brand, made right here in the USA! This brand is produced by ICON Health, a world leader in gym equipment manufacturing. For over 30 years they have been making home fitness affordable and effective. ProForm offers many different types of exercise equipment from treadmills and ellipticals to rowers and exercise bikes. Let's take a look at the top 5 treadmills ProForm has to offer.

ProForm Performance 400i

This heavy duty treadmill was built to last. It has a 300 lb. weight capacity and can reach up to 10 miles per hour. Designed for people of all shapes and sizes; even those with a long stride, will be able to work out comfortably on the large 20" x 55" deck. Allow the ProShox cushioning to reduce theimpact on your joints for a comfortable workout and fast recovery time.Adjusting your incline on the ProFormPerformance 400i is super easy. Use the built-inQuick Incline™ control to adjust your incline at the touch of a button, for a 0%-10% incline. Place your tablet on the integrated shelf to optimize your multitasking or log into your iFit Coach account and run on simulated trails all over the world! Loaded with tons of exercise programs, features, and more the ProFormPerformance 400ihas a lot to offer.

ProForm Power 995i

For those that like to visualize whether their workout is making a difference, the new Watts LED Display enables you to watch your power output right on the console, using LED technology. You will instantly be able to tell if you are in the Endurance, Tempo, or Peak zone. The newly designed CommercialPlus motor is built from high-grade components that are designed to cool down, even during the toughest workouts. This creates a powerful, smooth feel with virtually no noise. With speeds up to 12 miles per hour this treadmill can be used for beginners or seasoned runners. The ProForm Power 995i is also iFit compatible and allows you to take your workout anywhere. Maximize your workout with the 0%-15%Quick Incline™ control to adjust your intensity. The 60-inch belt length allows your legs plenty of room to walk or run. Combined with the belt width of 20-inches that allows your upper-body extra elbow room and space makes this treadmill feel roomy. Made with the space saver design you can have a roomy platform without taking up a lot of space. Made for comfort the ProForm Power 995i includes a built-in CoolAire fan that keeps you comfortable from start to finish! Choose from two different speed settings for instant temperature control.

ProForm Power 1295i

The new ProForm Power 1295i with featured touchscreen controls has a built in 7" display screen with web browser. It's fully loadedwith different features that help you make the most of every training session. The large deck is great for walking and running and the weight capacity is 350 lbs. Made with everyone in mind, this high quality foldable treadmill, will fit into anyone's lifestyle. Whether your training for a marathon or starting out on your fitness journey theProForm Power 1295i is right for you!

ProForm Pro 2000

One of the newest models of the ProForm line, has been crafted, to be high-tech and user friendly! The sleek design has a user friendly interface with One Touch technology. Everything you need is accessible by the press of a button. View your progress on the 7" LCD touch screen. Using the ProForm Pro 2000 incline options, you can burn up to two times the calories. With a 15% incline you can maximize your incline training and get the most out of your workout. The -3% decline will also take your workout to another level. Using the decline, you can train yourself to lean forward to safely run downhill. This will improve your muscle damage resistance and make you a fast and efficient runner.This treadmill has what it takes to get you in shape or ready for that next marathon.

ProForm Pro 9000

If you want a top of the line, space saving, high-tech treadmill; look no further than the ProForm Pro 9000! This treadmill combines 30 years of the best details and specs that ProForm has to offer with a fresh, new look and design. The design concept for the Pro 9000 was simple, take all of the best features ProForm has to offer and put it into one machine! That is exactly what was done! The4.25 CHP Mach Z™ Commercial Plus Motor creates a durable, smooth and quiet exercise experience. The motor and frame are built to last and are backed by a lifetime guarantee! The 60" maintenance free tread belt provides plenty of room for you to run, while the 20" width allows ample room for your arms. The screen on the ProForm Pro 9000 is the largest screen they have ever used. This built-in 10” full-color touchscreen display allows you to see your workout stats as you go! Keep track of your time, distance, heart rate, speed, number of calories burned, and even your incline/decline stats! Use this bright screen to view YouTube videos, watch movies, or surf the web. Post your stats in real-time on Facebook and Twitter! The ProForm Pro 9000 has all the traditional ProForm features as well. Like ProShox cushioning for maximum comfort, top speed up to 12 miles per hour, -3%-15% incline, you name it! All of ProForm's best is in this one treadmill! This is the one you've been waiting for!

Final Words

These are only 5 of the best treadmills that ProForm has to offer. They Come in a wide range of functionality and pricing. Meaning there is something for everyone. So if you want to get fit or lose weigh, or train for that next marathon, let ProForm get you there. From low tech to high-tech and everything in between ProForm has something for you! ProForm paired with the space saver design, One Touch and iFit technology and durable design are only a few things that set ProForm apart from the rest. Don't was your money on a cheaply made treadmill. Check out one of these top 5 ProForm treadmills!

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