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A morning walk in the park may be the best physical activity to start your day but it gets impossible during bad weather. How about taking your everyday outdoor walk inside using a treadmill instead? Sounds like a brilliant idea, right? A treadmill workout is a great alternative to outdoor walking plus you can also do jogging and running too. It’s a low-impact cardiovascular exercise that is super easy and almost everyone at different fitness levels can do it.

In order to begin with your treadmill workout, you need to either avail a gym membership or hunt the market for the best home treadmill. If you have limited time and prefer to exercise at home, we recommend you find a Proform 505CST Treadmill. It is packed with great features, amenities and is offered at a reasonable price online and in local stores. Read on to discover how you can lose weight using this treadmill by performing the walking HIIT routine.

More about our Recommended Treadmill

The best words to describe this machine are comfortable, robust and budget-friendly. Proform 505CST Treadmill has a spacious deck area with 20” x 55” tread belt. It is also equipped with iFit Coach Ready App with Google Maps integration; you just need to subscribe to enjoy a virtual tour in Europe while running. This treadmill is also foldable making it perfect for residential use and has a commercial grade motor that ensures smooth and quiet performance.

Some of the other notable features of Proform 505CST Treadmill include 0-10% adjustable incline and 0-12 mph top speed allowing you to do easy to challenging workouts. It can accommodate a person up to 325-pound and also allows you to listen to your favorite songs through its auxiliary port.

How effective is a treadmill walking workout for weight loss?

If your goal is to lose weight quickly using a treadmill, you need a silver bullet and in this situation, it’s HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). Interval training can help you burn more calories in a shorter span of time. It includes high-intensity and low-intensity workout periods with enough recovery time to boost your fitness.

The key to losing weight with a walking interval program is by targeting at least 300 calories burned every session. To reach your target weight within the certain duration, make sure you incorporate a proper diet along with your regular treadmill exercise.

20-Minute Walking Interval Workout

Spare a 20 minute of your day to perform this Treadmill Walking HIIT Workout designed by DailyBurn and you’ll be surprised on how your body burns calories quickly. First, make sure you check with your doctor regarding the physical activities you are about to perform. Second, wear the right fitness clothes and stay hydrated throughout the session. Lastly, don’t forget to warm up.


Treadmill Walking Interval Workout


Remember that this workout plan is designed in general, feel free to modify the speed and incline levels according to your abilities and needs. Print this and make sure you bring it with you whenever you go to the gym or start a 20-minute workout session at home on your own treadmill. Hope you like this workout plan! Read our blog for many other HIIT routines.

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