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Fitness bikes are another gym and home exercise equipment used for cardiovascular workouts. There are two types of fitness bikes - upright and recumbent. These two bikes can both deliver the indoor cycling experience you’ve wanted in order to stay fit, healthy and strong even during a bad weather.

Fitness bikes are among the best machine that provides low-impact exercises appropriate for those with joint pains. They come in a variety of brands, features, specifications and prices. So in order to help you determine which one is right for you and successfully made a confident purchase, we share with you the difference between the two.

What's the difference?

These two fitness bikes differ from appearance, workout position, and price. An upright bike mimics the same position of a road bicycle while a recumbent bike gives a more comfortable seating position with the pedals in front of your body. Nevertheless, both equipment targets the same muscles: glutes, hamstrings, hip flexors, calves and quads but you get to work on your core using an upright bike.

When it comes to their appearance, an upright bike is more compact making it possible for you to lean over the handlebars and its design doesn’t take much space. On the other hand, a recumbent bike has roomy leg space, lower seat and a backrest. This information is just the tip of an iceberg because every fitness bike is equipped with unique features.

If you are looking for a budget-friendly bike, the upright is your best bet because they are less expensive than a recumbent bike. However, if you want to invest in a machine that can help you get into fitness after a knee or back injury, choose the recumbent bike.

What are the benefits you can get?

Like the other exercise equipment in its category, fitness bikes also offer great benefits that you just can’t ignore. We have listed below the rewards you can take advantage of from each bike to help you make a good pick.


  • Works abdominal muscles aside from the lower body
  • Burned calories better for weight loss
  • Less expensive
  • Targets triceps, biceps and shoulders when leaning on the handlebars
  • Natural pedaling experience similar to outdoor biking


  • The comfortable seat encourages for an extended workout
  • It's easier to hop on a recumbent bike because the seat is lower
  • It provides a more comfortable workout position
  • Ideal for elder users and users at any fitness level
  • Better for people who had a recent back or knee injury

Which is the right bike for you?

Reading up to this far, sure you can now determine the right bike for you. Remember that if you want to exercise more muscles and burn more calories, you need to opt for an upright fitness bike like Proform Studio Bike Pro. It is currently one of the top-rated bikes available online and in stores offering 26 resistance levels, 20% incline and 20% decline capacity. It also features the popular iFit Coach App that can let you cycle on the trails in Barcelona.

In case you are recovering from a back injury, a recumbent bike similar to Proform 770 ES Commercial Recumbent Bike is your smart choice. This bike will ensure you are comfortable all through the workout, thanks to its backrest and enough space for your legs to workout. Since you are so comfortable with the seating position, you may need to extend pedaling to burn more calories on a recumbent bike.

Regardless of choosing Proform Studio Bike Pro over Proform 770 ES Commercial Recumbent Bike or vice versa, still you can be sure to get the maximum health benefits of using a fitness bike. We recommend you do interval training to level up your workout and to increase your calorie burned rate at a shorter period of time.

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