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Fitness Bikes Differences and What's the Right One for You?

Riding bike outdoors is one of the most popular forms of cardiovascular exercises that work out your lower body muscles and with an active training can also engage other muscle groups across your body. However, if the weather is bad, having a stationary fitness bike at home is a great alternative. It is not the most used equipment in gyms so at some point you will be questioning yourself - is a stationary bike a good workout? Let us answer that for you, YES it its! Indoor cycling focuses on improving your strength and helps in losing weight. In fact, a person with an average weight can burn up to 260 calories in just a 30-minute ride on a stationary bike.

Types of Fitness Bikes

  1. Upright Stationary Bikes

This type of fitness bike looks similar to an outdoor road bike with an upright frame, handlebars out front and small seat. The riding position is upright and the pedals are situated under the body. To give you a representation of how an upright stationary bike looks, you can search ProForm 8.0 EX Exercise Bike. An upright bike exercises the same muscles that engaged when you ride a bicycle outdoor which is more of the entire body. Another good thing about the upright bike is its compact design which means it only takes up a small space in your home.

  1. Recumbent Stationary Bikes

This type of bike is little bigger compared to an upright bike with a larger seat that allows you to rest your back while pedaling. This is a highly recommended fitness bike for people with lower back pain since the backrest supports their body and the reclining position keeps them comfortable while performing the exercises. A recumbent bike has the pedals positioned in front of the body, larger seat and has enough room for leg movements. Some bikes of this type like Proform 440 ES Recumbent Exercise Bike even offer extras like water bottle holder, a workout fan and a charging station.

Most manufacturers designed both types of fitness bikes like what Proform did. While it may be difficult to make a choice, giving your friend’s bike a ride or trying out the two bikes in the gym will give you an idea which one is suitable to your needs and preferences.

Why Choose Fitness Bikes

  • Pedaling is not a strenuous and difficult exercise to perform
  • Stationary bikes only require little maintenance
  • It provides a low-impact cardio exercise making it ideal for people recovering from orthopedic injuries
  • Continuous exercise can help lower the risk of heart diseases
  • Increasing the overall strength of the body giving ease to performing daily activities

If you are looking for an upright stationary bike with iFit Coach Ready, quiet operation, smooth resistance and cushioned seat, our personal pick will be ProForm 8.0 EX Exercise Bike. On the other hand, if you need a recumbent stationary bike for rehabilitation, we recommend the Proform 440 ES Recumbent Exercise Bike. It features 32 built-in workouts, transport wheels for easy relocation and a heavy-duty flywheel. Whether it is for rehabilitation or fitness purpose, indoor cycling is the best way to keep up with your active lifestyle no matter how busy you are.

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