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You may be aiming to lose weight faster, achieve a slim waist, and toned butt for that perfect summer body. However, you need to understand first that it is always a combination of a workout regimen and a proper diet plan. If your calorie counter doesn’t give you good results, you have to change your usual outdoor walking into a more challenging cardio.

Cardiovascular exercise is the key to a healthy body, mind and heart. Physical exercise helps the body become stronger and healthier. It's one of the benefits you can gain with cardio workouts aside from losing weight, improving endurance and building muscles. We introduce to you the variety of calorie-burning cardio exercises you can perform indoors or outdoors.

  1. Boxing

No need to be on the actual boxing ring with an opponent to do this activity but you can decide to have a sparring partner for a more realistic training. You can also use a punching bag to perform an uppercut, hook, jab and punch combinations.

  1. Cycling

Whether indoor or out, cycling is considered one of the most effective fat-burning training. In fact, a 180 lb. cyclist at a moderate pace will burn approximately 650 calories per hour and it's not so bad. Consider using Proform 14.0 EX Exercise Bike if you prefer a regular indoor cycling.



  1. Battle Ropes

This new trend in the fitness industry demands the use of thick and heavy ropes. A study of The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research found that waving these ropes for 10 minutes burns 112 calories.

  1. Indoor Rowing

Rowing machines provide a total body workout engaging all your arms, legs and back on every stroke. It's a low impact cardio and strength training ideal for adults and those with a recent ankle injury. Check BodyCraft VR200 Rowing Machine - it’s one of our highly recommended home gym equipment for this cardio workout.

BodyCraft VR200 Rowing Machine


  1. Swimming

For people with joint problems, swimming is the ideal low-impact cardio exercise to burn calories. If you want to maximize results, you can opt for the butterfly stroke. A 130-pound person can burns between 649 to 854 calories in an hour using butterfly stroke.

  1. Running

Running is the most common cardio exercise and it can be done at home using a treadmill or outside on hills or roadside. Run uphill to burn more calories, improve stamina and strengthen the legs. You can also do uphill run with treadmill by adjusting the incline level.  

  1. Aerobics

Did you know that aerobic exercises can help your body burn more calories? Aerobics is a perfect and fun way to get rid of fats to achieve cellulite-free thighs, attractive butt and abs. An average person can burn about 600 calories within an hour of rhythmic exercise.

  1. Elliptical Trainer

With just a 30-minute elliptical training, an average person can burn up roughly 345 calories. Adjusting the resistance level will give you a more challenging lower body workout while using the handlebars will help you focus on the upper body. Our personal choice of Elliptical trainer is ProForm Pro 16.0 NE Elliptical.


ProForm Pro 16.0 NE Elliptical


Without a doubt, cardio is the type of workout that burns the most calories helping you reduce the risk of health problems and makes your body stronger than before. Your choice of workout doesn’t depend on the calorie counter, you can do all of the above eight activities to vary your everyday fitness routine.

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