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When you decided to start doing workouts, the first things that come to your mind would be waist trimming, weight loss and removal of belly fats. Without a proper self-control on food and discipline when it comes to regular exercise routines, it will be impossible to achieve a flat tummy. So if you are ready to give up on your food cravings, wake up early for a morning run and have all the proper workout attire ready, you can start with these five super effective workouts.

  1. Running at an incline

This exercise can be called as ‘running with a twist’ because instead of running on a flat surface, you need to do it at an incline. For those who choose to do it outdoor, you need to find a hill to perform the workout. On the other hand, those who prefer to do it indoors; you just need a reliable and excellent treadmill like Proform Pro 5000 Treadmill. It is equipped with an automatic 15% Incline, -3% decline adjustability.

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  1. Cycling outdoor or indoor

When we talked about fat-burning workouts, a cycling exercise is always included in the list. It's a low-impact cardio exercise similar to running plus it’s good for making your abdominal muscles stronger. Cycling can be done indoor or outdoor depending on how the weather permits. However, if you are serious achieving your fitness goals, you will opt for an indoor fitness bike that allows you to perform the workout at any time and day.

  1. Weight Lifting

Weight lifting is performed to increase the strength of skeletal muscles, bone and tissues. It may be one of the tough exercises you can do to burn fats but it's one of the most effective. Start slowly and use the correct weights, you don’t want to increase the risk of injury. If you have been doing moderately heavy lifts, you can increase the weights and reduce the rest in between repetitions. You can use safe and comfortable dumbbells like York Barbell Rubber Hex Dumbbell.

  1. Try Yoga

Yoga is one of the most trending exercises today because of the good effects it gives to the body from secreting happy hormones to flowing positive energy that can uplift your mood. Doing yoga will increase your heart rate, build muscle and boost metabolism - everything you need to burn belly fat. Some of the most ideal yoga poses that help burn belly fats include planking, lunge, tiptoe, wheel, and forearm stand.

  1. Use of Elliptical Machine

Elliptical machines provide low-impact cardio exercise popular for exercising both upper and lower body muscles. But did you know that this machine is also great for burning belly fat? Yes, home gym equipment like ProForm Pro 12.0 NE Elliptical can deliver simple to intense workout thanks to its 24 level of resistance and 0 – 20° incline ramp. It also offers an adjustable stride making it perfect for the entire family.

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These five workouts can guarantee you impressive results when executed properly and with caution. Do not overdo anything, it may do harm than good to your body. Consult your doctor before performing any of these five workouts to ensure you are in a proper condition.

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