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Congratulations! You have decided to join the club of fitness enthusiasts. To start, make sure you establish a goal, set a schedule and perform the exercises that will help you achieve your goal. Cardio and strength training are the most effective exercises you can do to promote a healthier heart and a stronger body. These physical activities come in different forms like running, rowing, cycling and weightlifting, among others.

Are you ready to begin your workout? We have compiled a 7-day workout schedule for beginners that you can follow to keep up with your goal. This workout will require the use of a cardio machine so it's ideal to get a gym membership or maybe you can consider getting your own equipment for home use.

Tips for Beginners

As a beginner, there are few things to remember before you start doing the workout program.

  • Consult your physician regarding this workout schedule that’s new to you.
  • Always wear the right fitness clothes and shoes.
  • Start every workout program with 5 minutes warm-up and end them with 5 minutes cool down.
  • Understand that you need to begin with simple exercises which are easy on your body.
  • Most beginners start at moderate intensity. If you want to copy them, just try the talk test first. Speak and notice if you have a breathy voice, if yes then that's the moderate intensity.
  • When you overdo your workout today, make sure you spend the next day to rest to let your muscles recover and regain energy.

7-Day of Cardio Workout for Beginners

This simple workout schedule is set to 3 days of cardio and 2 days of strength exercises. However, if you think you are not capable of performing the strength training like dumbbell workout yet, you can just swap it with the cardio one.

Day 1: Cardio

Do a 30-minute cardio workout on a treadmill. You can find this equipment in the gym and if you need one for home use, we suggest you get the high-end Proform Power 1495 Treadmill.

Day 2: Strength

Choose one from these kettlebell workouts for a full-body workout and core strengthening. Perform your chosen kettlebell exercise for 1 set with 12 reps. Get a York Barbell Single Kettlebell Black if you require a bell and make sure you start with lower weight.

Day 3: Rest

Day 4: Cardio

Do a 30-minute of cardio but this time using an elliptical trainer. Aim for a full body workout - just grab the moving handlebar for the last 15 minutes of the exercise. If you are thinking of buying one for your home gym, find ProForm Pro 9.0 NE Elliptical.

Day 5: Strength

Choose one from this list of great dumbbell strengthening workouts. Do the workout you chose for 1 set 12 reps. Dumbbells are helpful if you want to build muscles and make them more defined.

Day 6: Cardio

Go cycling at an easy pace. This can be done outdoor using a bicycle or indoor on a fitness bike. Do a 15-30 minute of spinning.

Day 7: Rest

If completing a 30-minute cardio exercise is difficult for you, feel free to modify this program and just perform a 15-minute cardio same as the strengthening exercises. This workout schedule won’t fit exerciser at any fitness level. In case you find it easy as a beginner, you can always adjust the duration and intensity of the workout or experiment with other cardio exercises.

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